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How does the atomizer work? Please note these for your first use


Atomized inhalation therapy is an important and effective method in the treatment of respiratory diseases. With the progress of science and technology, medical nebulizers suitable for family use have appeared in everyone's field of vision. Many people will keep a nebulizer at home because of their physical needs. After consulting the doctor's advice, they can supply medicines and carry out independent treatment at home, which is convenient and worry free. However, for the first time to use the atomizer friends, "how to use the atomizer", is still a need to care about the problem. Today, this article will tell you how to use the atomizer, as well as some points for attention in daily use, interested friends remember to bookmark.

How does the atomizer work? These methods make it easy for you

The treatment principle of nebulizer is to use the nebulizer to atomize the drug liquid into tiny particles, and then let the drug through breathing inhalation into the respiratory tract and lung deposition, so as to achieve the purpose of painless, rapid and effective treatment. Therefore, in the daily use of nebulizer, we mainly divide into four main steps: nebulizer preparation, drug preparation, medication and cleaning after use. Before use, we need to prepare the drug and dosage according to the doctor's advice, read the product manual carefully, and operate according to the steps in the manual.

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